WE ARE the Ndiaye Barbany, a Catalan and Senegalese family. 

Abdou is the dad: “I was born in Peye Ngoye, a farmer village in the center of Senegal. I have always loved adventure, so on 2006 I crossed the sea and settled in Catalonia. I have worked as an enterprenour, an educator, as an ecological farmer... and now I am looking forward to meeting you in Sine Saloum to show you all about my Serere culture!”
Mar is the mum: “I was born in Llerona, a tiny village near Barcelona. I am a social educator and truly passionate about Africa. I love to travel and I believe a different world is possible.” 
We have two brave and bright kids: Sira and Quim. Our family is in love with nature, with discovering new places and new and different ways of living.

WE WANT our kids to know and be in touch with the different cultures of both their mum and dad.
We have lived for a few years in Granollers, a town near Barcelona, where we have family and friends. We have now started a new adventure: we have moved to Senegal and we are looking forward to discovering the country and its way of living. 
The place we have chosen to live this adventure is the Island of Mar Lodj, in the Saloum Delta National Park. This island has everything we are looking for: calmness, nature, community, great values...

We have started up Nguel du Saloum, a small rural hotel and a eco-turism project  to welcome you to meet the village of Mar Lodj and to enjoy the Saloum Delta National Park. 

NGUEL is a Serere word that means “Meeting point”. Nguel is the place where many things happen: the elder meet and ponder, the market takes place, decisions are made... It is the center of the Serere villages. 

BONDIKI! (see you soon!)

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