It is important for us to minimize our impact on the social and natural environment that is welcoming us. That is why we: 

Respect, stay tuned and collaborate with local people:
From the beginning we have had people from the village that have helped us to shape this project and we have not taken any step without their consent. 
We feel part of the village and we get on very well with all our neighbors. We share activities and collaborate with different associations in the Island.

Hiring local people:
All people that have worked to build our home and project and all the ones that are currently working with us are locals.

Networking with crafters and farmers:
All materials used for building the place, the furniture, the food we use to cook… they are all proximity goods.

Bio building: 
All materials used to build our home are proximity natural goods. The architecture of the place has been designed to save energy up to the most. All rooms have natural ventilation systems and are protected from direct solar irradiation.

Rational management of the energy
Our home is equipped with solar panels. We save, pick and reuse water. We make great efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.
Reduce, reuse and recycle
We give priority to low or minimum packaging. We make compost from all our organic wastage. We reuse.

We have a small garden where we grow some vegetables and a small chicken farm for the hostel.

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